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This is the page for the FRUBASE database, a huge dataset of fleshy fruit traits compiled from bibliographic references and my own work. Data are provided for more than 1000 plant species from all around the world.

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Contents of FRUBASE

VERSION 4.0. DECEMBER 2007. This is the new FRUBASE_2008 version.

All files are plain ASCII text files, with the exception of SUMMARY and FRUWK1. Those with data have TABs as their field delimiters so they can be readily imported in any statistical package or spreadsheet program. The FRUWK1 is readily imported by any spreadsheet application. Please, contact me if you need the files formatted in other ways (e.g., my original SAS datasets, or EXCEL worksheets).

1. README - This file. Including a description of the variables and a listing of the literature sources with the numeric codes.

2. FRUBASE_2008 - The data file itself. Missing data are indicated by dots (.). The file is .xls format and has a header line with variable names as in the list below. The file is sorted by FAMILY, GENUS, and SPECIES names, in ascending order.

3. - The archives, compressed.

Variable names and descriptions in FRUBASE

CL Class

SCL SubClass

ORD Order

FAM Family

GEN Genus

SP Species

REF Reference number - This is my maintenance code for updates.

NEWREF New Reference number - These are the refs numbers in the files REFS and SUMMARY.

FAMLAB Family Label - An 8-character label for family.

GENLAB Genus Label - An 8-character label for genus.

SPLAB Species Label - An 8-character label for species.

COD Species code - A 5-character code for the species.

DISPCAT Disperser type category - BIRDS, MIXED, MAMMALS.

DISP Disperser type - Finer categorization. Not yet completed. Needs revision.

AREA Geographic area - Major geographic areas of the data sources.

MEurope: Mediterranean Europe (also includes Israel and Morocco.

NEurope: Temperate and Northern Europe.

NAmerica: North America, excl. Southern Mexico.

NTAmerica: Neotropical America, incl. Southern Mexico.

Africa: Africa, south of Sahara.

Australasia: Australia, Malaysia, New Guinea, and whole SouthEast Asia.

FRUIT Fruit type - Type of fruit. Not completed yet. Needs revision.

LENG Fruit length (mm)

DIAM Fruit diameter (mm)

FRFM Fruit fresh mass (g)

PDM Dry mass of pulp per fruit (g)

SDM Dry mass of seed(s) per fruit (g)

SEEDS Number of seeds per fruit

SEEDM Seed dry mass (g)

RY Relative yield of pulp (PDM/FRFM*100)

KJG Specific energy content of pulp (kJ/g)

KJFR Total energy content per fruit (kJ)

PCW Percent water content of fruit

LIP Proportion of lipids (per g dry pulp)

PRO Proportion of protein (per g dry pulp)

NSC Proportion of non-structural carbohydrates (per g dry pulp)

ASH Proportion of minerals (per g dry pulp)

FIB Proportion of acid-detergent fiber (per g dry pulp)