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Welcome to Pedro Jordano Lab Pages @GitHub.

This is a repository for project pages and material related to coding, mostly R, MATLAB and python. More info can be obtained in the Pedro Jordano Lab Home or Pedro's Home Page.

-- Pedro

Project pages

  1. Plotting effectiveness landscapes. To accompany: Schupp, E.W., Jordano, P. & Gomez, J.M. (2010). Seed dispersal effectiveness revisited: a conceptual review. New Phytologist 188, 333–353.

  2. FRUBASE dataset. This is the dataset to accompany: Jordano, P. 1995. Angiosperm fleshy fruits and seed dispersers: a comparative analysis of adaptation and constraints in plant-animal interactions. American Naturalist 145: 163-191. The dataset is also available in the DRYAD repository.

  3. Plotting bipartite networks. This is a repository of R code to plot bipartite networks. It includes code examples for plotting qualitative and weighted networks. The code using ggplot2 is still a prototype, but does the job.

  4. Dynamic plots of bipartite networks with D3.js, based on Sankey diagrams. This is a test using the R package d3Network with bipartite networks. Based in Mike Bostock's D3.js, and d3Network code in R by Christopher Gandrud. These are great tools for creating interactive network graphs with JavaScript. But we still need some work to get them used for bipartite networks.

  5. Analysis of sample completeness for plant-animal interaction networks. This is a repository of R code to assess interaction accumulation curves (IAC) in a way analogous to traditional species aculation curves (SAC). It includes code examples for plotting te accumulation curves for different types of datasets and sampling protocols.

  6. Our lab repository of graphs in R.