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Networks in D3

This is a page for examples of D3 representations of plant-animal interaction networks, networkD3_test. You can explore interactively the network, as explained below.

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Examples of plant-animal interaction networks in D3

These are the two case studies of our plant-frugivore interaction networks studied in Southern Spain: Nava de las Correhuelas and Hato Ratón. Two sets of fleshy-fruit producing shrubs and trees interact with diverse frugivore communities including both avian and mammal frugivores. Here we are depicting the interactions of just the frugivorous bird species and the plants.

Red nodes in Nava are plants; light green nodes in Hato are also plants. The colored nodes are animal species, with color code corresponding to different genera (or families) of avian frugivores.

You can interact with the graphs moving selected nodes (click and drag) of the network and visualizing how the whole web reshapes, indicating the overall effect of a particular species. Also, hovering the mouse over a node highlights the latin species name. Just reload the page to reorder. The ordination of the network is done with an energy-minimization algorithm. You can refresh the layout by reloading the page or with ctrl-rightclick-Reload within each frame. Link widths are proportional to interaction strength, measured in this case as the frequency of interaction derived from direct field data.

I’ll update my gitHub pages as soon as I have a better implemented code.

Nava de las Correhuelas

Hato Ratón

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